About Monarch Estate Planning, LLC


Monarch Estate Planning, LLC, is a Minnesota Limited Liability Company.  It provides custom estate planning at a great value for individuals and couples seeking to make estate plans.

The monarch was chosen because of the many layers of symbolism that the monarch butterfly entails.  The monarch is the official state insect of Minnesota.  The transformation that butterflies undergo from caterpillar to butterfly is used as an allegory for resurrection.  Many different cultures worldwide use butterflies as symbols of hope and life.  An estate plan does not have to mean that the end is near.  It can be a step towards a new life.  This new life can be in the metaphysical sense but also in the physical sense.  Having an estate plan can bring a peace of mind that gives new life in that it takes away worry about the future and what will happen.  Given this rich symbolism, the monarch butterfly was a natural namesake and symbol to represent estate planning.

Naturally you do not need to agree with the symbolism to take advantage of the great value and service provided by Monarch Estate Planning, LLC.

About Jonathan Ozanne

Attorney-owner, Monarch Estate Planning, LLC

Jonathan Ozanne is an attorney licensed in Minnesota.  He is the owner of Monarch Estate Planning, LLC.

Bar Membership: He has been admitted to the Minnesota Bar since 2004.

Education:  He is a 2004 graduate of Hamline University School of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota.  (Now Mitchell Hamline School of Law)

Professional Memberships:  He is a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association.

Community Involvement:  He is a member of the Board of Trustees, River Hills United Methodist Church, Burnsville.  (2013-present)

Recognition:   Named  to the  list of Northstar Lawyers 2016, 2017.  Learn more about Northstar lawyers here.